Our primary focus is to provide cost effective, proven health-care solutions to address the needs of the Orthopaedic Surgeon in Southern Africa, as well as ensuring the best outcomes for patients by providing quality products from internationally recognized manufacturers.

We believe in a number of key principles which underpin our objective of becoming a market leader in Southern Africa. We strive to provide solutions to address the numerous pathologies in Orthopaedics.

Our partnership with Parcus Medical allows us access to over 400 innovative implants, and instrumentation specifically designed, manufactured and distributed to over 60 countries to be used by orthopaedic surgeons in sports medicine procedures to repair the shoulder, knee, hip and distal extremities. Founded in 2007, Parcus Medical is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.

In early 2020, Parcus Medical joined Anika Therapeutics, a globally recognized joint preservation and regenerative therapies company based in Bedford, Massachusetts. The addition of Parcus Medical’s product portfolio of soft tissue fixation devices and instruments creates a unique combination of product offerings in the joint preservation and restoration space.

Through FVZ University we are committed to providing the Medical Educational facilities to ensure the development and upskilling of the Sports Medicine fraternity.