Our primary focus is Wound Closure, and we supply an extensive range of Plastic and General sutures for use in the Operating Theatre and Surgeon Practice environment. We were the first company to introduce the concept of a barbed suture to the South African marketplace. The Quill barbed suture offers a wide variety of Bi-directional and Uni-directional codes for the surgeon.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our German-engineered needles offering superior sharpness, penetration, and strength characteristics.

The Sharpoint Ophthalmic Blades are world renowned as high-performance knives and are manufactured using the Proprietary Infinite Edge Technology. The Resorba range of GENTA-COLL resorb Hemostatic Sponges containing Gentamycin complements our suture material for improved wound closure.

The Synovis Micro Anastomotic Coupler Device is a unique system for Free Flap microsurgery allowing significant reduction in theatre time and improved outcomes for the Reconstructive Surgeon.